Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A memorable moment

She was nervous. It was quite evident from the worried look she had on her face. But deep inside her heart, she knew that she needed this. She had never had this before; this was to be her first time. She was waiting. The wait was long and she was getting more tense. She had made up her mind to get it done this time, and that is how she wanted it to be.

Then she saw him. His calm smile and his confidence soothed her. He told her not to worry. He had done this before. His reassuring talk convinced her. Yes, she would take this step. She had to, sooner or later. The pain inside her won't let her off so easily. He called her in and asked her to lie down. She did as was told. He was the boss, she would follow his directions. And he instructed her to open her mouth. She was unwilling, hesitant at first. But he was the one running the show here. She had to listen to him. And she trusted him. She would do as he would tell her to. And she obliged. He smiled and went about with his job. She was feeling the discomfort, she told him to stop. He didn't. She knew he wouldn't. A part of her didn't want him to. All this would end happily - she was sure of this. He had told her so. She had to go on.

And so it continued. The pain was getting unbearable for her. But the joy that came with it was far greater, and that was what she craved for more than anything else in the world right now. Pain is only short lived, the lasting relief is what is more important - she knew this well now; then she saw blood. She was scared, but he comforted her. He had been here before; he knew this was normal, and there was nothing to be afraid of. The trickle of blood was nothing compared to the ecstacy waiting for her in the end. How true was that! She forgot all that soon, and he carried on. Her anxiety was soon taken over by amazement - she wondered how in the world he could be so good. She had never expected this. He was so good at what he was doing, and she was more than happy that he was.

Now it was about to end. Been half an hour since that wait had ended. And then it was done. Oh how the pain magically left her! He looked up at her. He smiled. She had been good. He had had far worse before, the ones who could not take all this so well. She had been so co-operative. She understood that all this would bring her happiness like never before in the end. The pain was now long forgotten - it had become a thing of the past now. Now there was pure joy, which she had felt she could never ever experience ever since she had that terrible toothache. And thus it was; she thanked him, paid him and left. Surely this visit to the dentist had done the little girl a lot of good.